Huay Poo Village is a small village surrounded by mountains in Mae Daet sub-district, Galyani Vadhana district, Chiang Mai province. The city is encircled with mountains, rivers and local culture. The city has good weather all year long. It generally has cold winters and mild summers. The area is located within an abundant forest. Most people in this area are agriculturists, but there are some who make a living as a mahout, a career inherited from their ancestors. Mahouts and their elephants have a very close bond.

          However, the number of elephants has continuously decreased. Previously, there were 15-20 elephants in the village, but as of now there are only three elephants left.
          In the past 15 years, these elephants have never stayed in the village. They might come back to visit their home only once a year. The elephant seems to be most happy and relaxed when they are at home in the abundant forest, rather than being a labor animal for many years.

          We need to establish Lanchang Tours, a home for elephants and mahouts living together with bonds of love and unity in the environment of the plentiful forest. The purpose of our gathering is to bring these elephants to a happy, loving home, where they will be best cared for.
          Lanchang Tours aspires to provide the best and most natural environment as possible to the elephants. We also give attention to the conservation and reproduction of the elephants as a result of gradually decreasing numbers. Our actions are to preserve wildlife and to encourage cultural relationships between humans and elephants.
          We are committed to presenting a new era of elephant camps where travelers can experience love and a developed understanding of the ways of elephants. We hope that travelers will leave with confidence that the elephants will live a happy life, as well as adore and appreciate the value of the Thai elephant.



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Chalermchai Kulathaijaidee

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